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Tanks, Epson! EcoTank can print for years before you need to refill the ink
Dallas News
Luckily, printer manufacturers have taken their marketing ideas from razor manufacturers -- they make the printers affordable and make their profit selling ink cartridges. My wife is a teacher, and she spends many nights printing photos of her kids and ...

Tom's Guide

Epson Vs. Canon Vs. HP Printers: Who Makes the Best All-in-One?
Tom's Guide
While inkjet printers are not known for printing razor-sharp text on a par with a laser printer, many inkjets these days do a very admirable job that gets close to what a laser printer can produce. For some models, this is particularly true if you are ...

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One
At less than 10 pounds, it's easy to unpack. The XP-440's color display walks you through connecting the printer to your wireless network and installing the ink cartridges. In our tests, the software found the printer right away and installed the ...


The best laser printer
Lasers won't cause as much stress as inkjets, either, because they never clog, and their large toner cartridges can print at least twice as many pages as a typical ink cartridge before they need to be replaced. Laser printers also tend to be faster ...

Edgy Labs (blog)

How to Make Printer Ink out of Air Pollution
Edgy Labs (blog)
Printer manufacturers make so more of consumables than printers themselves that it's often cheaper to get a new printer than replacing the ink cartridge. Yet, the economic cost of printer ink is the least of concerns compared to the environmental ...

Energy Collective

Ink Waste: The Environmental Impact of Printer Cartridges
Energy Collective
Compared to big climate topics, such as the Clean Power Plan, ink cartridges are a minor issue to be sure. Still, even minor issues deserve attention. How severe is the impact of printers and their corresponding ink cartridges, from the manufacturing ...

Hot Hardware

US Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Over Your Right To Refill Ink And Toner Cartridges
Hot Hardware
Printers are expensive. Recycling and selling used/refilled printer ink cartridges has often been seen as a way to recoup the money that often gets sunk into the cash cow of the printer business - the ink itself. The ruling of Impression Products, Inc ...
Why You Should Care About the Supreme Court Case on Toner

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